Class Descriptions

Class descriptions of the various classes offered at Yoga Pole Studio.

This 30-minute introductory class is designed for students who have never done Aerial Hoop/Lyra or who still feel new to the apparatus. This class will introduce and revisit all the basic hand and knee grips, you will what it is like to have the hoop on various parts of your body. Class size is small, and each student will have their own low-hanging hoop.

Please wear tight-fitting long pants or leggings to protect your legs from the friction of the hoop. Comfortable close-fitting tops are recommended. No jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, or dangling earrings.

This class is a prerequisite for the Aerial Hoop Intermediate Level class. New students should take this introductory class regularly until the instructor approves the student for the Intermediate level class.

Aerial Hoop Intermediate Level class welcomes students with previous experience on the aerial hoop/Lyra. Warm-up begins with movements that increase the heart rate, then hip and shoulder warm-ups, followed by core exercises. In this class, students will learn several intermediate aerial hoop movements and then challenged to sequence movements together smoothly. Cool down with relaxing stretches. Leggings are absolutely required for this class to protect back of your legs. No jewelry. 60 minutes.
Prerequisite: New students are required to take Aerial Hoop Beginners Level at least 3 times, or have prior experience, or have teacher's permission. Not sure? Email us:

Make those handstands come easier to you with fun drills and exercises. Learn to engage the basic muscle groups that help you hold headstands, forearm stands, and handstands (core, back, shoulders, hips). Students will practice solo- and partner-focused drills and stretches to make you stronger and more flexible! Consistently returning students may progress to more advanced variations of inversions. Prerequisite: students should be able to hold a plank push-up position for at least 15 seconds. Regular gym attire. No jewelry. 60 minutes.

This class will help you increase your body's range of motion. We start with a warm-up to increase the heart rate and overall mobility. Class moves at a moderate pace of holding stretches prolonged periods of time, often for up to several minutes. Highly recommended for students who want to increase their flexibility, especially those who want to improve their splits, back bends, forward bends, and shoulder flexibility. Great for improving posture, relieving stress, and alleviating tightness from sitting or exercise! 90 minutes.

Learn the basics and fundamentals of gymnastics - no prior experience required! Students will learn forward rolls, backward rolls, shoulder rolls, and their variations. Then students move on to learning cartwheels, round-offs, and front and back walkovers. The last portion of class is dedicated to the wooden rings on which students can learn different hanging positions and inversions. Please tie back hair, but please avoid hair buns, which will make rolling over the head difficult. 90 minutes.

Welcome to Pole For Beginners Level.

Start here if you have little to no experience or are just getting back into pole. This pole foundations class emphasizes 3 basic pole fitness concepts to ensure a safe and strong pole journey ahead:

1. How to work the core central muscle groups necessary for pole fitness through simple exercises. Ex: baseball grips, knee tuck ups, and fan kicks.

2. Develop the proprioception of your body limbs necessary for pole fitness tricks. E.g. pirouette turn to climb to invert.

3. Through repetition and drilling the foundational pole movements students will develop the muscle memory and coordination necessary.

Throughout the class, students will learn basic terminology to name movements.

*Shorts are required so your skin will grip the pole*

*Absolutely NO jewelry as it can damage our equipment*

Students work on sequencing a string of pole dance tricks. This class would practice the power of using your legs to perform pole tricks. Basic requirements for this class is students must feel comfortable climbing and sitting, fan kicking, baseball grips, jasmine grip, elbow grip, chair spin, brass monkey grip, and inverting is optional. Class may include some light floor work. Not sure if you’re ready for this? Email us:
*Shorts and tank top or exposed armpits are required.*
*Absolutely no jewelry because it can scratch the pole.*

Students work on sequencing a spinning pole combination. This class challenges the core strength, upper and lower body grips on the pole. Learn to incorporate ballet techniques into your pole journey. Basic requirements for this class is comfortability with learning a dance sequence including spinning, pirouette turns, dip turns, climbing, baseball grip, push pull grip, elbow grip, chair spin, and pencil turn grip. Class may include light floor work. Not sure if you’re ready for this? Email us:

*Shorts and tank top or exposed armpits are required.*

*Absolutely no jewelry because it scratches the pole.*

Tap into your self-expression by practicing your pole dance freestyle. Students will learn a flow sequence consisting of footwork, turns, poses, climbs, and spins. This sequence serves as foundation for students to practice their pole freestyle. Teachers adjust level of challenge according to student's current abilities. Basic requirements for this class is students must have some pole experience.
Not sure if you’re ready for this? Email us:
*Shorts and tank top or exposed armpits are required.*
*Absolutely no jewelry because it scratches the pole.*