Program Information

Are you up for the 360 Wellness Program challenge? 

Our month-long programs will push you to build on your strengths while helping you improve areas that need work.

Each program focuses on one air-discipline – Pole or Aerial Hoop, and five rotating ground disciplines: Find My Handstand, Flexibility, Floor Work, and Gymnastics Foundations. The ground disciplines focus on proper technique, strength, and safety, while the air disciplines explore self-expression and sequencing.

We encourage beginner students to take at least two classes a week. Your goal is to finish 30 hours of classes within a three-month time span. Once you’ve finished 30 hours, we’ll help you continue your practice by challenging you with more advanced positions and movements. The advanced program is 200 hours. Students who complete this program will have an opportunity to become a teaching assistant. 

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at 

Unlimited Pole and ground classes where you can learn to spin, climb, invert, and move gracefully around the pole.

Unlimited Aerial Hoop (Lyra) and ground classes where you can learn to sit, balance, invert, and flow in and on the hoop.

Unlimited classes in the ground disciplines: Find My Handstand, Flexibility, Floor Work, and Gymnastics Basics.