Private Parties & Events


We love to host private parties and events in our studio! This is a great way to have fun with your friends while trying something new! No experience is needed have a good time! We have parties for everyone, whether you’re a group of yogis, dancers, aerialists, runners, or I-don’t-workout-ers. If you want to have a good time, we want you in the studio! We have lots of party options, and adds-on for photoshoots, matching outfits, and BYOB.​



Learn Something New

Want to try pole dance, pole tricks, aerial hoop/Lyra, Acro Yoga, or headstands/handstands? Try it with your friends!



Want to leave with some glamour shots? You can schedule a relaxed private photoshoot for you and your friends! We’ll help you pose on or off the pole or hoop, and you can wear anything you want! For this party, you can also BYOB for a fee of $40 (Fee includes space to serve drinks, cups, ice).



Minimum 8 people - if you have fewer than 8 people, you’ll still need to pay for 8 spots.​

Learn-Something-New Party

1 hour - $30 per person

   (minimum 8 people)

1.5 hours - $35 per person

   (minimum 8 people)

2 hours - $40 per person

   (minimum 8 people)


$30 professional photography set and photographer

   (recommend to book 1.5+ hour length party for this)

$45 each custom design Yoga Pole shorts


$20 each Yoga Pole logo tank top


$40 BYOB fee

   (for bringing your own drinks, recommend to book 1.5 hour+ length party for this)