We offer in person private one-on-one and small group (three students to one instructor) sessions. The privates are conveniently booked according to each student's schedule while the small group privates are regularly occurring every week.

Private sessions are recommended for students who are seeking to achieve specific goals and would like the full attention from the instructor. Examples:

  • pole students who are seeking to learn specific pole fluidity or tricks including climbing, spinning, and inverting
  • aerial hoop students who are seeking to learn sequencing and transitions
  • students seeking flexibility sessions to work on splits or back bends

Once you purchase, email us to set up a time and date for your private lesson.

Small group sessions are limited to three students, basically a semi-private. We recommended these small group, semi-private sessions for those who are open-minded to working on building their core strength through movements on pole or aerial hoop. These type of small group classes work well for those who enjoy the group energy. Once you purchase your group class package, be sure to book your session. You will receive a confirmation email from our booking system, Mindbody.


Current schedule for small group classes:

Mondays 12-1pm: Yoga Pole Floorwork
Tuesdays 12-1pm: Aerial Hoop Foundations
Wednesdays 12-1pm: Yoga Pole Floorwork
Thursdays 12-1pm: Aerial Hoop Foundations
Fridays 12-1pm: Yoga Pole Floorwork
Saturdays 10:45-11:45am: Yoga Pole Floorwork

No Refunds on all purchases.