Pole 360 Wellness

Unlimited Pole and ground classes where you can learn to spin, climb, invert, and move gracefully around the pole.

Learn the basics of movement around and on the pole while you develop the necessary upper body strength and core strength to help you progress. Take Pole Play Basics, Pole Play Spinning/Doubles, and Pole Flow. Augment your training with learning how to be comfortable being upside-down in Find My Handstand, and develop more strength and flexibility in Strength & Conditioning and our 90-minute Flexibility classes!

We encourage beginner students to take at least two classes a week. The goal is to finish 30 hours of classes in a three-month time span. When the student has finished 30 hours, the instructor will help you continue your practice by challenging you with more advanced positions and movements. The advanced program is 200 hours, and you will have an opportunity to become a teaching assistant upon completion.