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Sign up for our absolute beginner's program: STRONG BY Pole Hoop Dojo:

What is STRONG BY Pole Hoop Dojo?

- six consecutive week series
- a total body conditioning program designed to prepare new students for either metal apparatuses: pole or aerial hoop
- train twice (2x) a week
- each session is a 60-minute one-on-one personal private training
- conditioning for the entire body

What to expect:

1. Floor Work: Learn to travel across the floor while staying close to the ground
2. Pole Conditioning: Gain the core strength needed
3. Aerial Hoop Conditioning: Build up strength to pull your own body weight up
4. All movements will be done with at least one limb on the floor. You will not be expected to lift your entire weight off the floor right away.

Lifting your entire weight on a pole or aerial hoop requires a certain amount of core strength and both lower and upper body strength.
We don't want new students/beginners to feel discouraged during their pole or aerial hoop privates, therefore we require all absolute beginners to complete a minimum of 12 sessions of STRONG by PHD before requesting their first pole or aerial hoop private.

How to Start:

1. Click on schedule
2. Look for the course title: STRONG by Pole Hoop Dojo
3. Look for a date and time and click on 'sign up' button next to desired date and time
4. Create an account with our Mindbody site.
5. During checkout, we recommend to select the the best deal which is $70/session (x 12)= $840.00. Once you purchase, select the 12 dates you'd like to train. This pass expires 45 days after your first visit. We suggest to space 1-3 days between each training session to give your body a recovery period.

Tips to prepare your STRONG by PHD sessions:

1. Bring tank top or sports bra to expose underarm pit skin for pole conditioning grip.
2. Bring or wear yoga pants, gym sweat pants, or shorts - please, no metal zippers.
3. Do not wear lotions or oils the day of your STRONG by PHD session; it will make you slippery.
4. Do not wear bring or wear jewelry. We do not allow students to wear it during session because it will damage equipment and it will scratch your skin. We also don't want you to lose it inside our space.
5. Bring yourself a water bottle, or you can buy them for $1.

Students can request pole or aerial hoop private if they have prior training experience. Students must be able to demonstrate their strength through any recent videos of themselves on pole or aerial hoop. Email us if you're not sure where to start or have any questions.