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How do I avoid injury?

Injuries can occur in any type of fitness classes. Listening to your body and giving your body adequate rest is essential to minimizing the risk of injury.

If you are just starting out, still relatively new, or coming back from some time away from classes, TAKE IT SLOW. Don’t try to take all the classes even if you have the time. Take only one class in a day (not including Flexibility, which you can take in conjunction with other classes) until you get permission from an instructor to take more classes.

Listen to your body. Pain is different from discomfort – and if you feel pain, STOP. Ask your instructor if you should modify. Go into and come out of stretches (especially in flexibility class) slowly and do not try to force yourself into any stretches.

Do not neglect rest. This means getting adequate sleep and taking an entire day off from any kind of fitness at least twice a week, more if you are still relatively new to this kind of activity. Overuse injuries and chronic muscle tightness can lead to serious injuries if they are not addressed.

Learn how to use a foam roller and/or get regular therapeutic massages to relieve muscle tension. Ask our instructors if you aren’t familiar with how to use a foam roller.