Meet the Yoga Pole Team

Carolyn Chiu
Founder, Trainer for Mobility, Tiger Mom
Carolyn Chiu is the founder of Yoga Pole Studio. Her full biography is here!
Barbara J. Chin
Trainer for Aerial Hoop, Handstands, Flexibility, Gymnastics, Tiger Auntie
Barbara is a NASM-certified personal trainer whose passion for exercise and health are rooted in many years of competitive gymnastics. This love of movement naturally led her to Lyra/Aerial Hoop and to teaching people how to safely and confidently be upside-down in inversions. Her teaching experience includes coaching gymnasts of all ages from toddlers to adults, one-on-one personal training sessions, and a wide variety of group fitness classes (such as Spinning/indoor cycling, cardio kickboxing, step aerobics, boot camp-style circuit classes, and group strength training). With advanced degrees in Fitness Instruction and Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, she has an eye for close attention to detail, form, and technique, which ensures that students develop a solid foundation before progressing further to avoid injury or bad habits. Barbara has also recently become certified in Kinesiological Stretching Techniques to help students further their flexibility training. Outside of teaching at Yoga Pole, Barbara works as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, where she aims to help people eat better so that they can live better and more healthfully. See more about Barbara at
Jessie Henry
Trainer for Pole, Flexibility
Jessie began her fitness journey to gain confidence, self-acceptance, and a better understanding of the human body. After 3-4 years of weightlifting, she expanded her training into manipulating her own body weight instead of external weight. Yoga Pole Studio was the perfect place! She learned to sharpen her skills and applied them to the aerial apparatuses (e.g. pole and Lyra). She also developed a love for helping others to understand movement mechanics and to soar beyond their expectations.
Kristal Cosme
Trainer for Aerial Hoop, Flexibility
Kristibell has been the prime example of what Yoga Pole classes can do for a person. Through Yoga Pole, Kristibell was able to persevere through her struggle with weight loss and other health issues. She believes in helping other people like herself to overcome their obstacles in life. It has been an extraordinary journey of a beginner pole artist to becoming an assistant instructor. Kristibell now assists and substitutes for various classes such as Introduction to Aerial Hoop through resistance training and Aerial Hoop Basics. Kristibell also participates and facilitates in many performances that showcase and celebrate Yoga Pole students' progress. You can definitely see that with the right frame of mind and the help of the amazing support system that Yoga Pole Studio provides, anyone can achieve to live a much more healthy, fit, and strong lifestyle.
Gwen Castelle
Trainer for Pole
Gwen’s love story with dance started with ballet, which she learned in her native country of France, as a little girl. Being a globetrotter, it is in Shanghai, China, that Gwen discovered a passion for pole dancing, and above all, a passion for sharing it with others through teaching.

Whether it's flying around the pole, hanging upside down like a kid playing on a tree, or constantly surprising yourself with what you can do, pole dancing provides you with a very positive energy, from self-confidence to joy. It’s hard to describe - you have to try it to feel it!

Aside from pole, Gwen also enjoys solving puzzles in her part-time engineer job, and balancing her body and mind with yoga.