Yoga Pole Studio


Take Your Yoga to New Heights.

Yoga Pole Studio provides each student with an individualized grounding stretches and strengthening exercises that is designed for his or her level.  Allowing all different levels of yogi’s to practice together.  All classes have 6 students or less, giving each yogi a semi private lesson.  Student have their own pole, strap, blocks, and yoga matts (all included with the class, at no extra charge). 

The pole is a prop, just like your yoga block, strap and matt. It helps lengthen your body, just like your strap would. By using the pole as your prop, you are able to control, and deepen the stretch to your own level.  Think of the pole as “training wheels” to help you invert into various different poses. Overtime, your body will build the strength, full range of motion, flexibility and confidence to invert without the pole. 

The pole is a guide in your journey of transformation. Giving you the tools to become the Yogi, you’ve always wanted to be.  Our philosophy encourages students to enter and advance at their own pace. All positions are demonstrated with both feet on the floor as well as a modified, more challenging pose, depending on the individual. We specialize in semi private lessons for all levels of yogis, athletes, runners, cyclists, aerialists, dancers, performers, and those who seek the healing benefits of meditative movement. Yoga Pole is low impact on the joints. Students of all levels are welcome.

 We are conveniently located near the 4-5, 2-3, A-C-F-G, N-R trains at  Borough Hall, downtown Brooklyn.The studio is an open, spacious, second floor loft with 8 fitness poles and large windows overlooking the city. Our philosophy encourages students to enter and advance at their own pace. All positions are demonstrated with both feet on the floor as well as a modified, more challenging pose, depending on the individual. Beginner students are encouraged to take Monkey Style and Flying Monkey Style to experience a full introduction to Yoga Pole Studio.
This Brooklyn Yoga Studio embraces no mirrors and no judgements.

Student Testimonial of Yoga Pole Class:

“Yoga Pole does not teach you how to strip. There is no spinning in this class, no sashaying. No heels. You don’t pant maniacally so much as you breathe, deeply. During class, you don’t realize just how much your muscles are working until you wake up the next day and feel that your body has changed. I first took Yoga Pole in an attempt to get fit after months of being out-of-shape. With Carolyn’s patient and attentive guidance, I got more than just my body back. I can do things that most men can’t. I’ve developed the proper form and fitness to execute more advanced, acrobatic feats on the pole. I can now suspend my body above the ground using one arm, my abs, and a newfound stamina. Yoga Pole strengthens body and mind. And strength is sexy.” ~Mellisa Yoga Pole Student